What Makes a Masterpiece?


Art for Many Generations

When Auguste Rodin originally conceived The Thinker sculpture, it was to be part of a larger piece. This was to be the centerpiece of his...


The Business of Art Sales

For centuries, artists were dependent upon finding a patron. This person would pay their living expenses and expected the artist to create commissions solely for...


Chinese Fine Porcelain Art

The Ming Dynasty in China lasted nearly 300 years. During its reign over the country, the government was relatively stable and the populace was protected...


The Birth of New Art

Anyone who has ever dropped and shattered a glass on the floor can appreciate the problem of cleaning it up. There are always very tiny...


The Transparent Beauty of Colored Glass

Objects made with colored glass do not lose their transparency to light unless they are manufactured that way. There are a few glass items that...

Fine art is recognized the world over by those who study art and those who collect it. There are many pieces in the world that have been labeled as fine art. Not everyone understands the designation as the piece may not be one of beauty. It may be chaotic or too still for someone people. Other people may fail to see any message or meaning in a particular piece of art. So, what makes a masterpiece? A masterpiece of art is one that touches people throughout many generations. Examples of these works are mainly in the forms of paintings and sculptures. Art pieces that people today understand even though they were created hundreds of years ago are considered masterpieces.